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I can’t thank you enough for your help over the years with Patrick.  I know I tell you this all the time, but we are so blessed he has someone like you as a role model. 


It has truly been a dream come true to help players develop over the past 16 years.  What started out as a dream of mine to play this wonderful game for a living has evolved into a rewarding profession of helping players see more in them than they see in themselves.

My hope for you is to spend some time on this site being inspired by reading the stories of players of all abilities from complete beginners to accomplished collegiate, Amateur and professional players.  I have learned to appreciate a student who is passionate about improving, hard working, driven towards goals and is open minded to feedback to make them better.  My hope is that you will strive to be a similar student.

All the best,


Ryan’s Story

Ryan Dailey is a former professional player, University faculty member, acclaimed Junior Coach and life long learner. He has trained and learned from some of the world’s most brilliant minds in golf coaching, logging countless hours on the lesson tee practicing his craft in both private and group coaching. Ryan is now dedicated to helping grow the game of golf around the world through Operation 36. Currently at over 150 facilities around the world, Operation 36 creates a powerful learning environment at a golf facility with a Certified Coach. Operation 36 believes in a strong community of players working together to achieve measurable goals.

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